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About Us

Meet & Teach is a non-profit organization designed to provide disadvantaged youth with educational hands-on workshops & sports camps. Meet & Teach consist of a diverse group of coaches & workshop instructors that teaches youth creative processes in areas such as videography, music production, martial arts, dance and more. This organization was established in order to create accessible activities and provide the community with opportunity.



Health & Fitness

Workshop Leader

Being from New York and visiting South Africa was an extremely humbling experience



Workshop Leader 

The great thing about this organization is that it allows you to give the greatest gift mankind has to offer, knowledge and love. 


Basketball Coach

Being able to inspire youth through the game of basketball was an unforgettable experience. I really miss them all. 

Dr. Evan Brown | 28

Founder & CEO

Born and raised on the west side of Chicago in the Austin Community, Dr. Brown has committed himself to making the greatest possible impact on today's youth. 

Dr. Brown received his PhD in Educational Administration. He holds a M.S. in Professional Media & Media Management, and also a B.A. in Radio & TV with a minor in Music Business.

Dr. Brown was inspired to start Meet & Teach after filming a documentary in Cape Town, South Africa. During his time there, many of the kids were very interested in learning how to use his camera 

equipment and other skills he possessed. With Dr. Brown having a strong background in the Arts (music production, videography, photography, website design, instruments, singing and more), Dr. Brown saw the need for educational workshops within the field, as well as other capacities. Meet & Teach is dedicated to fulfilling those needs.


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