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Meet & Teach volunteers are a diverse team of students, entrepreneurs and multimedia professionals from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life. As specialists in their fields, each volunteer is equipped with experience to work with youth groups and to provide one-on-one instruction. With our hands-on instruction, our volunteers will be carefully teaching basic and advanced concepts relevant to each workshop.

For example, we will be working  with youth in dance and martial arts studios giving lessons while emphasizing safety. Our access to professional recording studios allows us to teach concepts from microphone placement to mixing and beyond. Additionally our Health & Wellness workshop will focus on easy and fun ways to stay healthy, while providing the necessary tools to assist our youth in doing so. Each workshop will be held in a safe and professional atmosphere that will be fun, while providing hands-on experience.

It is vital that the volunteers initially get to know their students life stories, aspirations, and acknowledging their hardships. Recognizing that most of the participants live in townships and come from very low income households, volunteers will be encouraged to make home visits with their participants to gain insight on their culture and everyday living conditions. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to stay overnight with their participant. Learning each other's background and life experiences are important to understand both integrating cultures.

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